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International Students Pre‑arrival Checklist


For answers to frequently asked questions, visit International Student FAQ, or email Andrew Meade, Director of International Services, at anmeade@vassar.edu.


  • In mid-May, the Office of Admission will mail a matriculation packet to you via FedEx. This packet will contain paper copies of certain forms (though all forms included in the packet are available on this website as downloadable PDFs) and will instruct you to activate your Vassar account. You will need your login credentials to complete many of the tasks listed below.
  • Set up your Vassar email. Your Vassar Username and Activation Code, as well as instructions on activating your Vassar Account are available in your status portal. (NOTE: Students who deferred their entry from last year will not have access to the status portal. Your Vassar Username is included in your mailed matriculation packet. Your activation code and instructions for activating your account are being emailed to you.) Your Vassar email account can be accessed at mail.vassar.edu or from any Google login prompt, log in with your full email address and password. Your email address will be your username followed by @vassar.edu (i.e. jodoe@vassar.edu). For more information, please visit the Computing, IDs & Phones FAQ. If you have questions or require assistance, you may contact the CIS Service Desk at servicedesk@vassar.edu or call 845-437-7224 during normal business hours.
  • First-year non-citizen international students: Submit at your earliest convenience your I-20 Request Form to the Office of International Services. You should have received a link from us to our online I-20 Request Form portal.  If you are a matriculating student and have not received access to our online I-20 Request portal, please contact Andrew Meade ASAP at anmeade@vassar.edu. (Exchange students and language fellows: You will not be submitting an I-20 Request Form.)
    Deadline: May 31.
  • If you are requesting disability accommodations, you must return the Self-Identification Form to the Office for Accessibility and Educational Opportunity.
    Deadline: June 15.
  • Obtain necessary visa and immigration documents, and as necessary make an appointment with the nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy. Refer to the International Student FAQs for more details on immigration issues. We recommend scheduling your visa appointment on or after June 15 to allow time for the necessary documentation to reach you from Vassar.
  • Complete the New Student Biography Form as soon as possible. This form will require information from your parents/guardians.
    Deadline: July 1.
  • Schedule an appointment with your physician and complete and return the Medical Form to the Office of Health Services as soon as possible. Be sure to include ALL required signatures (student, parent/guardian, and physician).
    Deadline: July 1.


  • Submit a photo for your Vassar ID Card. The photo must be an accurate representation of what you currently look like. A full-color, shoulders-and-above photo is required, and hats, sunglasses, or anything obscuring your face is prohibited.
    Deadline: June 30.
  • Fill out your Housing Application and V-Cash Account Application. Housing application will be available in the beginning of June. Complete the housing form thoughtfully and honestly so that the staff in the Residential Life Office can select the most appropriate housing arrangement and roommate for you.
    Deadline: June 25.
  • Give the Final Academic Transcript Form to your high school guidance or counseling office and ask that a copy of your final transcript be sent to the Vassar College Office of Admission. You must confirm with your high school that the guidance office has forwarded your final transcript to us. You will need it on file at Vassar to finalize registration for first-semester courses.
    Deadline: July 15.
  • Pre-registration begins on June 25. To start this process, use The First-Year Handbook, the Vassar College Catalogue, and the First-Year Schedule of Classes to plan your course schedule for the fall semester. Pay special attention to the descriptions of the First-Year Writing Seminars in The First-Year Handbook because you will be required to successfully complete at least one of these courses during your first year at Vassar. Refer to “Registration for Courses” in The First-Year Handbook for instructions on registering.


  • Transfer money to a bank in the U.S, and plan to bring $100-200 cash in your currency to exchange at the airport for U.S. dollars.
  • Make travel reservations to arrive in the U.S. on Thursday, August 23, 2018.
  • Submit the Travel Information Form to the Office of International Services (form will be emailed to you).
    Deadline:  July 15
  • Submit the International Host Program Form to the Office of International Services (form will be emailed to you).
  • Complete the Statement of Academic Interests worksheet. Your thoughtful answers to these questions will help the dean place you with a pre-major academic advisor with expertise in your areas of interest.
    Deadline: July 21.
  • Finish pre-registering for your fall semester classes.
    Deadline: July 21.
  • Complete Think About It, a 2-hr online course through Campus Clarity that provides educational information related to sexual violence prevention in our community. To start the course, simply visit www.campusclarity.com, enter your Vassar College email address, and click "Start Training." (Note: Completion of Think About It is required before students may enroll in academic courses). For technical assistance please visit https://support.campusclarity.com. For all other questions or concerns please email Vassar's Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention office at savp@vassar.edu
    Deadline: July 28
  • Consider shipping your belongings to Vassar once you receive your Vassar College post office box number. Refer to the International Student FAQs for more information on shipping. Alternatively, you may prefer to purchase your linens through Residence Hall Linens. You will receive more information about this option over the summer from the Office of Residential Life.
  • Fill out the Religious Interest Form. Whether or not you consider yourself to be religious, please fill out the form as it helps the college better serve the needs of our students.


Arrive at Vassar for International Students Orientation on Thursday, August 23, 2018.