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Academic Departments and Programs Office Locations for Departmental Advanced Course Placement Advising

Thursday, August 24, 2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Representatives from all academic departments and programs will be available for individual consultations. With a cell phone or from outside the college, dial 845-437 followed by the extension number.

Africana Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 307)* Ext 7490
American Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 207B)* Ext 7485
Anthropology Blodgett Hall (BH 310) Ext 5295
Art (11:00am-12:00pm) Taylor Hall (T 222) Ext 7031
Asian Studies Blodgett Hall (BH 207) Ext 5519
Biochemistry Bridge for Laboratory Science (BLS 240) Ext 5730
Biology Bridge for Laboratory Science (BLS 240) Ext 7441
Chemistry Bridge for Laboratory Science (BLS 240) Ext 5730
Chinese Sanders Classroom (SC 320) Ext 7502
Cognitive Science New England Building (NE 104) Ext 7368
Computer Science Sanders Physics (SP 104.5) Ext 5985
Dance Kenyon Facilities (KH 115) Ext 7470
Earth Science and Geography Ely Hall (EH 106) Ext 5540
Economics Blodgett Hall (BH 126) Ext 5213
English Sanders Classroom Auditorium (2nd Floor) Ext 5950
Environmental Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 320)* Ext 5430
Film Center for Drama and Film (VCDF 301) Ext 5481
French and Francophone Studies Chicago Hall (CH 102) Ext 5720
German Chicago Hall (CH 131) Ext 7666
Greek and Roman Studies Sanders Classroom (SC 118) Ext 5947
Hispanic Studies Chicago Hall (CH 140) Ext 5610
History Swift Hall (SW 104) Ext 5677
International Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 312)* Ext 7140
Italian Chicago Hall (CH 129) Ext 5610
Japanese Sanders Classroom (SC 324) Ext 5253
Jewish Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 305)* Ext 5424
Latin American Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 319)* Ext TBA
Mathematics Rockefeller Hall (RH 305) Ext 5525
Media Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 207B)* Ext 7527
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 303) Ext 7428
Music Skinner Hall (SH 105) Ext 7319
Neuroscience and Behavior Olmsted Hall (OH 257) Ext 7311
Philosophy Rockefeller Hall (RH 209) Ext 5530
Physical Education and Athletics Athletic and Fitness Center (AFC) Ext 7450
Physics and Astronomy Sanders Physics (SP 101.2) Ext 7351
Political Science Rockefeller Hall (RH 110A) Ext 5561
Psychology New England (NE 104.1) Ext 7384
Religion Blodgett Hall (BH 200) Ext 5520
Russian Chicago Hall (CH 120) Ext 5610
Science, Technology and Society Olmsted Hall (OH 257.1) Ext 7429
Self-Instructional Language Program Chicago Hall (CH 135) Ext 5622
Sociology Blodgett Hall (BH 300D) Ext 5510
Urban Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 210/211)* Ext 7495
Victorian Studies Swift Hall (SW 304) Ext 5664
Women’s Studies Old Laundry Building (OLB 311B)* Ext 7140

*The Old Laundry Building (OLB) is wheelchair accessible on the 100 (basement) level ONLY, however you must ring the bell during regular business hours for access.  Please contact the Office of Accessibility and Educational Opportunity (AEO) if you wish to attend a department advising session or Academic Placement advising session and need wheelchair access or other accommodations.