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New Student Orientation 2017

Welcome to Orientation, New Students!

New Student Orientation Mission

The Vassar College New Student Orientation program serves as the trail guide for a student’s path to “a thorough, well-proportioned and liberal education”* by focusing on academic preparedness, personal and social responsibility, engaging and appreciating social justice, and community engagement. The orientation experience, through a holistic approach, provides knowledge of the intellectual, cultural, and social climate of the College. The Vassar College New Student Orientation program is built upon opportunities and experiences for first year students to learn how to engage a community, which values “analytical, informed, and independent thinking and sound judgment; encourages articulate expression; and nurtures intellectual curiosity, creativity, respectful debate and engaged citizenship”**.

*From the College’s First Annual Catalogue, **From the College’s Mission Statement

New Student Orientation Goals

Overseen by the Dean of College division, the New Student Orientation program is a collection of purposeful interactions and important information meant to introduce new students to the Vassar College community.

By the end of the six days, new students should:

  • be aware of academic resources available on campus and institutional policies and regulations regarding academics (Academic preparedness)

  • understand how to engage responsibly at Vassar and be knowledgeable of resources promoting wellness and emotional, social, and physical well-being (Personal and social responsibility)

  • be able to begin or continue the journey towards self-awareness, community awareness and appreciation of and support for a diversity of experiences, interests, beliefs, identities and abilities (Engaging and appreciating social justice)

  • begin to master the art of living cooperatively and begin to make healthy social connections within a diverse community (Community engagement)

New Student Orientation Move-in Day for the class of 2021 is Monday, August 21, 2017.

The 2017 schedule is coming soon...watch this space for updates!