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Student Employment FAQ

What do I need to do before coming to campus?

  • Pack your original, current documents (no photocopies please) needed for your I-9. DO NOT sign the form until you arrive on campus and register with our office. We must see you sign the form in person. Please refer to the last page of the I-9 form for a list of documents that will satisfy the requirements for the completion of the I-9.
  • We encourage students to sign up for direct deposit. This can be done through Workday after you arrive on campus and are hired for a job. Students can sign up for direct deposit at any time during their campus employment.
  • Apply for a campus job.

When and where can I register for fall jobs?

Work-study recipients may register online through JobX (the student employment website) in the late summer. An email notification will be sent to all eligible students with instructions on how to use the online job registration system and dates for registration. Please note, in order to search and apply for positions on the student employment website, students must have received their Vassar username and password.


What happens after I apply for jobs?

As you apply for jobs online, employers will review job applications and contact job applicants by email. Please note that many employers will not begin reviewing job applications until late August, so you may not hear from them until the end of summer. This is OK because if they request to have an interview with you, you can set it up with them when you have arrived on campus. Also, many jobs receive a lot of applicants; while we encourage employers to contact students to let them know they have already filled a position, we realize this may not always occur. But do not get discouraged! Continue applying for positions online.


What if I do not have a student employment allocation in my financial aid award?

Students on work study are given priority for job placement during summer registration and during the first month of each semester. Online job registration opens to all students after the first month of the semester.


What types of jobs are available?

On-campus jobs include office assistants, event staff, campus patrol, research assistants, catering, lifeguards, and more. Every department relies upon student workers to lend support to the numerous tasks that help make our campus run.


What does the work study limit in my aid package mean?

Many students are awarded work-study funds as part of their financial aid award. These funds represent the maximum amount a student may earn from their work-study job. Please note that this is money to be earned by the student and is not a grant. A limited number of positions may be available for students who are not eligible for work-study.


What are the typical work schedule and salary like?

First-year students are allowed to work an average of eight hours per week. Individual schedules are arranged by each student employee and the employer. Schedules are typically based on a student's academic schedule and the department's need. The average salary on campus is $10.00/hour.


What if my question isn't listed here?

Please feel free to email StuEmp@vassar.edu, stop by our office (S-199 Main located in Student Financial Services) at any time during business hours (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm), or give us a call at 845-437-5286. All Student Employment related information is also available on the Student Financial Services website. We look forward to seeing you in the fall!